For nearly 15 years, Meredith Alvaro has worked as a National Literacy Consultant and Professional Staff Developer located out of the NY/NJ metro area. Meredith previously served as the Director of Student Teaching in the Elementary Inclusive Preservice Program at Teachers College Columbia University as well as held a tenured NYC public school teacher position in Manhattan’s former District 2. She is dually certified in Special Education as well as General Education and has worked extensively with English Language Learners and students with a range of significant disabilities. Additionally, Meredith is a licensed Administrator. She has worked in school districts throughout the United States across a variety of settings including Public School, Parochial Schools, Yeshivas, and Private Institutions. Meredith also runs Administrator Coaching Groups and Designs Curricula for School Districts Nationwide.

 Meredith conferred her Masters Degree at Teachers College, where she studied literacy directly with Lucy Calkins, and is pursuing her EdD at Teachers College. Her work with schools across the country has catapulted Meredith to being one of the most in-demand presenters in the Literacy world. Her user friendly style, hands-on workshops, and hysterical personality make Meredith a joy to work with and learn alongside. A teacher at her core, Meredith's presentations are always grounded in reality and practicality and produce results that are well documented in the Districts with whom she has worked. 

Meredith’s work and classroom have been acknowledged in several publications including Writing about Reading: From Book Talk to Literary Essays, Grades 3-8 (Angelilo, 2003) and Voices of Diversity: Stories, Activities, and Resources for the Multicultural Classroom (Langer de Ramirez, 2006).

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Meredith, I have to tell you I have NEVER gotten so much positive feedback from this group of teachers since I started as a supervisor in the district. They are normally a VERY tough group and they literally went out of their way to tell me how much they loved their time with you today! There was one complaint——they wished it was a full day!!! I was riveted for the time that I was there. You’re clear, you’re engaging, your a “realist”, and you give them concrete ideas and information they can take and use right away. I can’t commend you enough!!!
— District Literacy Coach
After realizing that no “canned” writing program would work, I began my search for a consultant that was an expert in the field. My search constantly came across numerous mediocre applicants; however, this all changed when I met Meredith. Early on in our initial conversation, it was evident that her knowledge of writing and excellent communication skills would be the perfect catalyst to transform the way we deliver writing to our students. The numerous trainings delivered by Meredith have provided the staff with a clear understanding and a coherent plan to deliver an effective writing program. Not only that, but their enthusiasm is through the roof! Meredith’s energy is nothing short of inspirational! Through numerous walk-throughs and conversations, I‘ve noticed a significant transformation in the classrooms. The entire staff now uses a common language when discussing writing, classrooms deliver writing consistently, and most importantly, the staff is excited to deliver their writing instruction. A sense of confidence now resonates with the staff around writing. Although the staff has made great strides in their delivery and understanding of writing, it is the students that have grown the most. The students are now producing more rigorous and entertaining pieces of writing because they are excited to write and have a clear plan of action to follow. We are forever changed thanks to Meredith!
— Superintendent
When I began my classroom teaching position, Meredith Alvaro became my literacy guru. She patiently guided me through our reading and writing units; setting up weekly model lessons, and weekly planning sessions. She captivated my students as she began each lesson and clearly directed them to become thoughtful readers and writers. Meredith also ran many whole-district workshops. These were all relevant, motivating, and I truly believe that she helped us raise the bar as we grew as language arts elementary school teachers. Meredith was incredibly effective and was an integral part of my professional growth. Through her passion, relentless motivation, and her wealth of knowledge, I gained the tools I needed to refine my craft and grow as a professional
— Classroom Teacher